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Furniture handcrafted in Edinburgh using natural Scottish materials
Hidden Bothy Designs was founded out of a desire to create enduring, quality furniture using local materials and local craftsmanship, unique to Scotland.

The Scottish landscape has provided inspiration for writers, artists and makers for centuries, and we are no different. Spending time within this countryside of rugged terrain, stunning coastlines and relentlessly changeable weather is what inspires us.

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The Pentland Collection

During the lockdown of 2020, the Pentland hills were a sanctuary. Almost from our doorstep, we were able to enjoy a sense of pure escapism and adventure.


From running the Pentland skyline in winter snow, to mountain biking the trails in summer and even ski touring in fresh powder, the opportunities were endless.


For this reason, when we embarked on the Hidden Bothy adventure we could think of nothing more appropriate than dedicating our first collection after the hills that have given us so much. 

Pentland Collection
The Torridon Collection

Majestic hills and glistening lochs inspired our second collection of furniture, designed exclusively for a summer pop-up shop at Space at Seventeen in Edinburgh.

Each handcrafted piece is made from locally-sourced, sustainable Scottish wood. The wood holds secrets of its past in its exquisite grain patterns and beautiful natural features.

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bothy (noun)

(in Scotland) a small hut or cottage, especially one for housing farm labourers or for use as a mountain refuge


Imagine stumbling across a wild and remote bothy after a hard day out in the hills. You are greeted by a roaring fire, a welcoming, friendly handshake and perhaps even a glass of heart-warming whisky. 


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