Hidden Bothy Team

Creating modern furniture inspired by the Scottish Landscape

Why wouldn't you want to spend time in the Scottish outdoors? We'll pretend the wind, rain and midges don't exist! But the truth is, it's these harsh elements which shape the landscape and create the spectacular scenery that is revealed when the clouds clear.

This environment has been inspiring people for centuries, and we are no different. Hidden Bothy was founded out of a desire to create modern, stylish and unique furniture inspired by the rugged Scottish landscape. The natural materials we use, the vibrant colours we select and even the shape of the furniture we design, is all thanks to the time we are lucky enough to have spent outside in Scotland.​



Alice was born and bred in Edinburgh and why would she leave with the whole of Scotland on her doorstep? An architect in training with a keen eye for design, she's learning the ropes in the wood workshop and is a dab hand with a tack hammer and a staple gun.



Duncan isn't native to these shores but has followed his roots back to Scotland, lured by the opportunities for adventure offered by the high hills and wild waves. His skills lie in the engineering and construction departments...who doesn't love a good power tool?



When we're not in the studio we enjoy nothing more than spending time in the outdoors - walking, climbing, running and cycling. Harris, our working cocker spaniel, is a great adventure buddy. He is also the quality control supervisor at Hidden Bothy, so all feedback can be sent in his direction!

Behind the Scenes...

Outside the Studio...

You've probably realised by now that we love spending time outdoors in Scotland. Check out our latest videos to see what the Hidden Bothy team have been up to when we're not in the studio.