During the lockdown of 2020, the Pentland hills were a sanctuary. Almost from our doorstep, we were able to enjoy a sense of pure escapism and adventure.

Located just south of the centre of Edinburgh, they provided us with an escape. We were transported away from city life and could disconnect from the oppressive global pandemic.


From running the Pentland skyline in winter snow, to mountain biking the trails in summer and even ski touring in fresh powder, the opportunities were endless.

Along with our faithful four legged companion, Harris, we explored everything the Pentlands had to offer and kept coming back for more. We were so grateful for their presence.

For this reason, when we embarked on the Hidden Bothy adventure we could think of nothing more appropriate than dedicating our first collection to the hills that have given us so much. 

Skyline Profile.png
Carnethy Stool and Side Table

Contemporary and functional, the Carnethy stool is a versatile piece of furniture. It is perfect for use with a dressing table or as a spare seat to pull up beside the dinner table or the fire.

A solid Scottish oak top and oak legs are expertly crafted to bring out the unique natural details. The seat pad, attached with leather straps, is removable, allowing the stool to double up as a side table.

Caerketton Stool

A contemporary design and quality natural materials combine to create a stylish and unique stool.


The Caerketton Stool is ideally suited to use with a dressing table or as a spare seat to pull up beside the dinner table.

Allermuir - GLR - Long Edge.jpg
Caerketton Stool - LA - Long Edge.jpg
Allermuir Bench Stool

With a modern, sleek and minimalist design, this elegant bench stool will look great in a bedroom, hallway or living room.


The vibrant colours and rich texture of the fabric is complemented by solid ash legs which are lightly oiled to enhance their natural grain.

Carnethy - LSB - Front.jpg
Carnethy Table - Front.jpg
Carnethy Hill Sunset

While Edinburgh hibernates through a locked down winter,

The Pentlands stand tall surveying the capital.


A place of beauty for escape and adventure,

Their value is greater than the sum of their parts.


Rugged features are rounded by the wind swept snow.

Nature carves its own patterns here.


Deep blue reservoirs quench the thirst of the city,

The land provides the raw materials for creativity.


The Pentlands provide freedom, hope and inspiration to many,

And will continue to do so for generations to come.